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New Port Richey Resident Takes Home Book Award

New Port Richey Resident Takes Home Book Award

by | Sep 29, 2023

It’s hard to describe our community’s excitement and pride for John York and his latest achievement. The Florida Authors and Publishers Association President’s Book Awards are highly respected in the literary community, and to receive the bronze medal for general adult fiction is no small feat. John’s book, “Trouble in Choctaw County,” is a gripping tale that transports readers to a world filled with suspense and intrigue. The characters are multi-dimensional and fascinating, and the plot is masterfully crafted. We couldn’t be more thrilled for John’s success, and we eagerly await his next literary masterpiece. This is a momentous occasion for our community, and we are honored to celebrate alongside John as he basks in the glow of this well-deserved recognition.

John York’s “Trouble in Choctaw County” is a beautifully written Native American-inspired story that takes us on a journey of the hero, Perseus, to discover himself. The author’s captivating description and portrayal of the Choctaw creature, a spirit guide in the form of a winged serpent, is particularly noteworthy. As Perseus struggles with hardship, he also experiences love and the joy of making new friends. The story takes readers through various emotions and keeps them invested in Perseus’ journey until the very end.

The 2023 Annual Florida Authors and Publishers Association President’s Book Awards recognize excellence in book publishing. It is a prestigious award that has garnered recognition for many acclaimed writers. Winning a bronze medal in this category is a significant achievement for John York. This award is open to works from writers worldwide who write in English, making the competition level extremely high.

As a resident of New Port Richey, John York’s win inspires many aspiring writers in our community. It demonstrates the importance of honing one’s craft and putting in the work to create pieces that stand out. John York’s achievement shows that breaking barriers and gaining recognition for our talent and hard work is possible.

Reading novels and storybooks is a great way to learn and be entertained. Still, supporting local artists by investing our time and resources in their work is also essential. We must continue to recognize the creativity and talent that reside in our community and come together to support their passion. John York’s “Trouble in Choctaw County” is a beacon of positivity and motivation for New Port Richey residents.

Hailing from our New Port Richey, John York has set a benchmark for aspiring authors with his captivating book, “Trouble in Choctaw County.” This exceptional piece of literature, rich in its exploration of self-discovery and transformation, has rightfully earned a bronzed seal of recognition at the esteemed 2023 Annual Florida Authors and Publishers Association President’s Book Awards. It’s a glorious celebration of his commitment and diligence in fiction writing. So, let’s put our hands together for John York, and may his remarkable journey spark a flame in the hearts of budding writers in our community!

York has been writing since his retirement in 2016, and all of his books are available on To stay up to date with his work, visit or follow his blog page, johnryork/my-blog.

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