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The Kangaroo Twisted Tea ParTEA Pass – March 15th

The Kangaroo Twisted Tea ParTEA Pass – March 15th

by | Mar 11, 2024

Prepare your taste buds for a wild ride, because on March 15th, New Port Richey is about to get a whole lot cooler! The Kangaroo Twisted Tea ParTEA Pass is here to make your Chasco Fiesta experience all the more electrifying. It’s more than just a chance to win exclusive access to the ultimate Twisted Tea party; it’s an opportunity to seize the stage and pivot your evening entertainment into legendary status.

Event Details

Mark your calendar for Friday, March 15th, 2024, with 5:00 pm being the kick-off time. The venue is The Kangaroo, located at 5781 Nebraska Ave., New Port Richey, FL. The Kangaroo has pulled out all the stops to ensure this ParTEA Pass event is a standout in the festival. Music, giveaways, and a roster of unrivaled experiences galore await the fortunate winners of the ParTEA Pass.

Promotion Highlights

This isn’t just any promotional event. The Kangaroo Twisted Tea ParTEA Pass is a hot ticket to the ParTEA of the year. Not only do you stand a chance to win Thirst-Tea quenching experiences and goodies, but you could land music lovers’ dreams, including concert tickets to see the Marshall Tucker Band and Maddie and Tae live!

From the moment you step into the Kangaroo, the air will be humming with excitement. This official Chasco Fiesta after-party hotspot is set to be the epicenter of your weekend plans. And if you’re craving a parTEA above the rest, the VIP parade experience is your balloon ride to a different dream. Win your spot on a parade float, and you’ll be the star of the evening, with all the trimmings one could hope for.

But wait, there’s more: a Steam Works-catered pre-party parade mixer is the ideal introduction to a night that delights in creating memories. It’s a trolley ride like no other—one that brings you center stage at the heart of the Chasco Fiesta.

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The Host – Greatest Hits Radio

The mastermind behind the multi-sensory extravaganza is none other than Greatest Hits Radio. With a finger firmly on the pulse of what makes an event iconic, they’ve taken their hosting skills to a new galaxy with the Kangaroo Twisted Tea ParTEA Pass.

Greatest Hits Radio isn’t just a platform; it’s a lifestyle. Their love for music, moments, and true connection is woven into every beat, moment, and interaction they create. Visit their website,, for a taste of what they bring to the airwaves and the community at large.


The ParTEA Pass event at The Kangaroo is set to be an evening of epic proportions. It’s a fusion of premium promotions and genuine good times, designed to elevate your festival experience to new heights. Attend, participate, share—make every second count. The Kangaroo Twisted Tea party is on the horizon, and you’re invited to sip and swing into an evening of possibilities!

Make sure you’re ready for one of the most happening nights in New Port Richey. March 15th isn’t just a date; it’s an opportunity. It’s the chance to savor the spirit of the Chasco Fiesta in a flavor that’s truly twisted and unmistakably you.

The Kangaroo Twisted Tea ParTEA Pass is more than just a key to the party; it’s your VIP invitation to life at its boldest. Plan to be there, engage with the online buzz, and immerse yourself in moments that will be talked about for years to come. Don’t miss this chance to partake in the ParTEA of a lifetime!

Don’t miss the ultimate ParTea Pass! Get your tickets now!

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