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In Disbelief: RC Enerson’s Historic Moment at the Indianapolis 500

In Disbelief: RC Enerson’s Historic Moment at the Indianapolis 500

by | May 29, 2023

RC Enerson made history when he became the first driver from New Port Richey to make it into the prestigious Indianapolis 500 race. He had worked hard for two years to qualify, achieving several important milestones, notably a top-10 finish in a premier IndyCar Series event and several NASCAR races in either Xfinity Series or the Cup Series. Though he experienced setbacks during his rookie year in 2016, his determination, ambition, and incredible competitiveness eventually paid off.

Four days after New Port Richey’s RC Enerson made history, he was still in disbelief as he sat inside the RV lot for drivers in Sunday’s Indianapolis 500. With a broad smile, he uttered, “It’s sinking in now!” – a proud and positive sentiment that resonated with all who heard it.

After a two-year pause in his stop-and-start career, the 26-year-old Gulf High alumnus had just qualified for one of the biggest races in the world – a race he had attended since he was a toddler. RC accomplished this feat despite competing against financial and historical powerhouses on a mom-and-pop team in the premier IndyCar Series. His road to success had been bumpy since his debut in 2016 with Dale Coyne Racing, but RC’s hard work and dedication paid off when he earned a top-10 finish.

He has had an impressive career, having raced in the 2017 Rolex 24 at Daytona, the 2019 IndyCar race at Mid-Ohio, and two NASCAR stops– one in the Xfinity Series in 2020 and another in the top Cup Series at Watkins Glen in 2021. He even attempted to qualify for the 2021 Indy 500 and had a last-place finish in the IndyCar event at Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s road course that year. His professional career is genuinely admirable and deserves recognition!

Additionally, Enerson has been staying sharp by instructing at the Lucas Oil School of Racing, where he gets the cars up to 125 mph. Although this speed is over 100 mph slower than necessary to compete in the Indy 500, it is still a remarkable feat that deserves recognition.

Enerson was proud and excited when his first lap achieved a speed of 211 mph, which was a great indicator that the car was performing well. His expectations were confirmed on Saturday when he secured a spot in the Indy 500 with an average speed of 231.129 mph during his four-lap qualifying run, even though he knew the car had more potential.

His team had experienced drivers and teams to compete against, but their hard work and determination paid off. Tears of joy were seen in the garage as the team celebrated their accomplishment of competing in one of the most prestigious sporting events in the world.

It was something that Enerson had dreamed of since he attended his first 500 at the age of 3, admiring stars like Helio Castroneves and Scott Dixon. He is one of them, driving against these legends in the IndyCar series. Even though he may not be able to compete this season, Enerson can proudly look back on this achievement and prepare for the future.

His hard work and dedication have earned him a spot in the drivers’ lot at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, making his dream a reality.

With a drive to keep pursuing his dream and years of hard work, RC Enerson achieved the first milestone most aspiring race car drivers work so hard for – securing himself a spot at the 2021 Indianapolis 500. Despite competing against powerful, deep-pocketed teams on a small RV lot for drivers, RC’s determined spirit and talent enabled him to earn a top-10 finish proving anything is possible with hard work and sheer passion. His incredible story is worth recognizing and serves as a reminder that any goal can be achieved once you keep believing in your power of yourself.

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